Sinds medio 2011 worden de livestreams via flash gedaan.
Hierdoor is de livestream door een veel groter publiek, en ook via een mobiel te bekijken.

Businesses, Institutions, Organizations is a broad platform affording presentation opportunities to anyone aiming to reach large groups as well as target one "select audience".

To realize an integral ‘event’ webcast to be accessed by a large group/audience.

To realize live video of events, low to high culture, via the internet (integral live webcast of an 'event’) to enable an event to be accessed by a large group / audience. After the live webcast, the event remains available 'on demand' for a definite period.

Ranging from symposia, lectures, theater, music, festivals and sports to corporate presentations and general communication.
A broad selection of events is currently online offering hundreds of hours of footage!.

Its flexible and mobile setup enables to realize live webcasts from any location. The location must have an internet bandwidth with adequate upload for a high-quality video stream.

Live webcasts are realized with 2 or more cameras on tripod plus during webcasts one or two laptops and subject to your requirements one or multiple camera operators; for the rest, all we need is an internet hookup and power outlet.

The small-scale setup causes practically no interference.

If you wish, we can use a more substantial setup to realize your webcast. Involving for instance multiple cameras.

Public Webcast.
Live internet webcasting is an innovation of increasing interest to corporate users.

Webcasts of meetings, public announcements, shareholder meetings for the general public or a select audience, or individuals unable for whatever reason to attend in person.
Another potential use is updating a specific business transparency.

Persons viewing the webcast can also participate actively in the proceedings. This would be realized via phone, email, chat-box, etc.

Terms and Conditions. always has the permission from performing artists to realize the Live webcasts and provide the links to stock video files containing music. operates only under contract with organizations that provide a forum to the performing speakers/artists in question.

These organizations are required to obtain permission from said parties for each webcast, so that assumes that all pertinent rights are protected. If this is not the case then this is the responsibility of the principal / organization / speaker / artist. By contracting to realize the webcast service, the organization / artist agrees to the terms and conditions set forth here.


High-Definition live multicamera-mix

Tot 6 camera's live gemixt, Full High-Definition studio. Opnames zijn direct klaar, Youtube compatible. Diverse SDI- en HDMI-uitgangen om gemixt beeld live door te sturen.
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Current webcast size is variable (see webcasts) up to ± 700 kilobit per second, which matches the average household internet download rate and the upload capacity of most webcast locations. We possess up or down grade capacity to match any available bandwidth.

Delay between webcast time and receiver time is ± 8 seconds to allow the receiving PC to build a buffer to assure steady video and audio quality.

Upon request, audio can be used directly off the optional mixer (PA).

Basic setup pricing brings services within just about anyone’s reach.

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