Designweek 2004
Dutch Design week 2004 Design in progress 15-26 oct.
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26 Oct 2004 Design Week, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
The Closing Celebration was a graduation project of Cis van den Nieuwenhof (Design Academy Eindhoven) in cooperation with Binnen Project. It concludes a period of great creativity and it heralds a new era for the creative platforms in Eindhoven’s new development area Strijp S.
Closing Celebration, Week van het ontwerp. play

22 Oct 2004 Design Week, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Rapunzel, let down your golden hair!
The centrepiece of this project is a spool knitter shaped like a giant mushroom. Visitors can be designers and add a piece of self-designed knitting the spool knitter. Every centimetre of knitting represents a sum of money that will be donated to WarChild. Rapunzel’s hair grows longer and longer so that children can ‘escape’ the war.
DESIGN WEEK St.Catharinakerk, Eindhoven, Week van het ontwerp.
22 oct Rapunzel (tower)
26 oct Rapunzel celebration play

Wed 20 and Su-24 oct
20 oct.
Opening "Graduation Show", Design Academy Eindhoven, DESIGN WEEK 2004. Annual presentation of graduation projects by students of the Design Academy. Well over 90 graduates from 9 different disciplines show approximately 100 original and innovative designs. Besides the René Smeetsprijs for the best student (selected by a professional jury), there are the Melkwegprijs for the most audacious design and a public prize by courtesy of the Eindhovens Dagblad.
Live broadcasted from from the "De Witte Dame", Eindhoven.
24 oct. Uitreiking ED publieksprijs en kinderprijs !
Live from "De Witte Dame", Eindhoven.
20 oct Openingsevent play
20 oct Designers presentation play
24 oct Public prize ED play

Fr-15 oct
Openings event, Design in Progress.
DESIGN WEEK 2004. Week van het ontwerp.
Catwalk, Presentations. Opening by Secretary of State for Culture mw. mr. M.C. van der Laan.
Young Designers Network.
Live broadcasted from from the City-hall, Eindhoven,
Using the WinQ public Wi-Fi Internet network.
15 oct Openingsevent

Sa-16 oct 2004
Opening Rollator (Zimmer frame)
, "The new generation".
Zimmer frame, the new generation
DESIGN WEEK 2004. Week van het ontwerp.

Designers displaying their views on the zimmer frame. The event comprises a workshop centered on the manual skills of the participating elderly people and a talk about old age and design. The event will be opened by Skater Rollator, skaters challenging the manoeuvrability of the zimmer frame.
Live broadcasted from the Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven.
16 oct Opening
16 oct Rollator Designs play
25 oct Rollator Awards play

Sa-16 and Sa-23 oct 2004
DESIGN WEEK 2004. Week van het ontwerp.
Music in progress. Live from the Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven.
16 oct part 1 play
23 oct part 2.1 play
23 oct part 2.2 play

Su 17 okt
DESIGN WEEK 2004. Week van het ontwerp.
Opening Tilburgse kamer, (Stichting Kunstprojecten Tilburg, Org. Henk Verhoeven en Saskia de Frel). Beeldend kunstenaars: Hjalmar van den Akker en Toon Diepstraten and others. Live from Vertigo building, TU, Eindhoven.
17 oct opening play
17 oct Kunstenaars/Artists play

Tue19 okt
DESIGN WEEK 2004. Week van het ontwerp.
Symposium Het Museum, Bouw/Kunde/Kunst. Gheops engineering sorority.
Symposium The Museum: Building/Engineering/Architecture
Commissioning parties, designers and critics explain and discuss the building process. Also an exploration of the museum as an institute. Speakers: Aaron Betsky (director NAi), Bernhard Hulsman (art and architecture critic NRC), Ole Scheeren (director OMA). Chairman for the day is Jacob Voorthuis, tutor architectural critic TU/e.
Gheops engineering sorority.
Live broadcasted from the Auditorium TU/e.
19 oct part 1 play
-- oct part 2 play
-- oct part 2 play

Wed 20 okt
DESIGN WEEK 2004. Week van het ontwerp.
Lezing stedelijkheid E+

Live from Vertigo building TU Eindhoven.

20 oct
DESIGN WEEK 2004. Week van het ontwerp.
Opening Lift - off 'the golden edition',Opening by Emile Ratelband.
Buro Vormkrijgers en Studio Frederik Roijé. Lift-Off 'the Golden Edition' refereert naar de Gouden Eeuw waarin het Nederlandse design de laatste jaren verkeert.
Live from "De Admirant", Eindhoven.
20 oct Opening by Emile Ratelband play

Thu-21 oct
DESIGN WEEK 2004. Week van het ontwerp.
Conference on decentralized design policy.
Vormgeving op de kaart / Design mapped.
Premsela Stichting.

Live from, The Strip, Philips Campus, Eindhoven.
21 oct conference play
-- oct conclusions play